ABS - the truth about flat stomach revealed!

ABS - the truth about flat stomach revealed!

 We seem to look for that magic trick that will give us a six pack. The truth is - you all already have six pack! However, if you can’t seem to be able to achieve flat and toned belly here are the reasons why:

  1. You have too much body fat covering your abdominal wall. The problem is not in not doing enough crunches, the problem is in having a high body fat content that covers it. For females to have defined abs fat content should be below 18% and for men below12%. The most effective action you can take is to clean up your diet – you need a smart meal plan to uncover your abs as exercise will only take you so far!

  2. Your abdominal exercises aren’t diverse enough – like we said before, our bodies get used to exercises very quickly. Also, we tend to focus only on the primary ab muscle – rectus abdominus, ‘the sixpack’. However, your abs also consist of obliques (they run along the sides), transverse abdominus (the deep, lower abs) and serratus anterior that runs on top of the ribs. Abs like any other muscle have to be exercised from every angle! These muscles help torso to flex, extend, rotate and stabilise. If you only focus on ‘the sixpack’ and train it to flex by doing endless crunches you are not training your torso muscles in all of the dimensions and angles. Make sure you vary your exercises!

  3. You’re not training hard enough – so how often do you challenge yourself by adding resistance and making your sessions harder? That applies to abs as any other muscles! Change up sets/reps/resistance/rest period – have fun with your training, every session you do should be different!

  4. You spot train – have you ever tried to do countless crunches in order to get flat stomach? The truth is that our bodies pick and choose where they want to burn fat. Unfortunately, abdominal fat is usually the last bit to come off and the first one to come back – it’s simply your emergency fat reserve. That’s why spot training DOES NOT WORK! Instead countless crunches start doing more burpees and jumps to burn the fat away. The key is consistency – if you tend to have a good couple of weeks of training but then you fall of the wagon for few days you will not see the change. Consistent training combined with clean diet will give you toned and flat belly in no time! 5. You’re not consistent – the most important part. If you do something half-hearted you will not see the results. If you tend to fluctuate with your eating you might never see your abs. I am not saying you are not allowed to eat out and ‘cheat’ ever again, but learn how to balance it. It is very easy to consume over 8,000 kcal on your cheat day that will make up for all the hard work you have done during the week. Make your diet healthy and varied and understand this is about lifestyle and choices you make. If being lean, toned and healthy has a very high importance to you and how you feel about your own body – you WILL make sacrifices and you WILL STOP making excuses!

  5. You consume too much sugar – when our bodies store fat in certain places they are trying to tell us something. For example – if you store excess of fat tissue around your abs and at the top of the back, underneath shoulder blades, that can indicate insulin resistance. This simply means you are consuming too much sugar. The best thing you can do is to reset insulin levels. For 2 weeks eliminate any types of sugar (it will not be easy and you will crave it!). There is certain things that will affect your cravings and make them worse. Here is how to reduce your cravings:
  • Sleep more
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Eat balanced meals - don't spike your insulin levels
  • Keep yourself busy – avoid emotional eating/eating out of boredom